Sunday, July 22, 2007


Once, the movie, casts a cinematic glimpse at the passion and art of music making and refreshes the concept of music as part of cinema. At its core, we have multiple tiers and stories about separation—the enigma and engine of all drama according to John Berger, the British artist.

Once mixes music to appeal to the intelligence of its viewers. It "is," and "is not," simply a wonderful musical. It "is" because it is a movie with music and about music. It "is not" because it defies the Hollywood tradition of the musical containing large amounts of dance although it fills the space with simple body movements of everyday life to complement the music.

If you like music, play an instrument, have been separated from instruments or people you love, or have made music with others, you shouldn't miss it.

Once: Winner of 2007 Sundance Film Festival, World Cinema Audience Award, Dramatic. Excellent piece of work. "R" rating for some use of four-letter words but no sex and no violence. A great story, very creative composition and magnificent music presented in a simple space.

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