Sunday, January 27, 2008

Art of Mending

Bazar, Ardabil, 2003
Originally uploaded by M.Mortazavi
He fixes tea pots and samovars.

Each fix has its own way.

The pots may be fixed by not only cementing but also bracing with wire and narrow bands of steal.

This mending is a kind of art.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Art at 8

My 8-old-daughter took this picture from an architectural model built by her uncle.

I never knew she took this ...

Only as I started to organize photographs from 2006, did it get loaded on Flickr, and only because I wanted to blog about it, did I notice it properly.

Art at 8.

Monday, January 21, 2008

She is done!

Tehran Bazar (2005)
Originally uploaded by M.Mortazavi
She is done for the day.

She wonders if she accomplished what she had come for.

Did she buy the right piece? She wonders and walks starting slowly and then more briskly.

She is done for the day but others are still looking

Art on Tea Pots

Tehran Bazar (2005)
Originally uploaded by M.Mortazavi
The art on the tea pots may be art but he sells what he can, and is less concerned about the art than about what sells and what customers seem to prefer.

Variety serves a larger market but causes inventory problems and fluctuations.

The tea pot is, for the most part, its own package. It is a container after all.

A good days work brings a good days pay.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Material and Ideas

Art Gallery, Tehran (2005)
Originally uploaded by M.Mortazavi
Artists in Iran are having a great bonanza.


I think it is because the circumstances are conducive to concentration on one's work.

The materials, ideas and tools fuse together in their abundance and limitations and create well-defined paths for the artists to view before herself or himself.

The pieces here were being shown in a gallery in Tehran in the summer of 2005.